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Chris Sacco


Years in Recruitment: 30 plus years

Funniest Moment at KLC: Many Friday afternoon funnies reading predictive texting errors. These were guaranteed to make me laugh till I cried.

About: Chris loves spending time with her two children, family and friends. She loves time at the races, watching local footy, and AFL as an avid Carlton supporter. She loves the beach and sunshine. A walk with her dog Charli gives her great pleasure. Relaxing with a glass of bubbles at the end of a week is the way she unwinds.

Recruitment Motto: "Our greatest ability to learn is by talking to people"


Stephanie Berry (Rudderham)

General Manager

Years in Recruitment: 10 years

Funniest Moment at KLC: Filling Chris’s entire office with balloons for her birthday!

About: Stephanie loves spending her time with family and friends catching up over a glass of bubbles. Stephanie enjoys travelling someplace sunny and exploring new places with her husband Nic. Stephanie is an avid reader and coffee enthusiast and has been known to drink more coffee in one day than the rest of the KLC office combined!

Recruitment Motto: “Put yourselves in the candidates shoes, it will put everything into perspective”


Natalie Hinchsliff

Recruitment Consultant

Years in Recruitment: 9 years

Funniest Moment at KLC: Playing charades at our Christmas party - that was a laugh!

About: Natalie loves summer and the beach is her favourite place to be with family and friends! In the winter you will find her inside with the fire on drinking mulled wine. Being English, football or ‘soccer’ is a part of life and she doesn’t understand why there are so many people on the pitch during AFL.

Recruitment Motto: "Don’t be afraid to hire people with more skills than yourself and give them the credit, when they win you win!"


Jo Thomson

Recruitment Consultant

Years in Recruitment: 21 years

Funniest Moment at KLC: Christmas Parties, that’s probably enough information for a public forum!

About: Jo is married with a 4 year old son. She likes spending time with family and friends, reading and discovering new places to go walking. She also enjoys going on holidays and taking weekend trips to the Mornington Peninsula.

Recruitment Motto: “Under promise, over deliver”


Steph Banks-Smith

Recruitment Consultant

Years in Recruitment: 10 years

Funniest Moment at KLC: The time the firey's came because someone set the building smoke alarm off from putting a hot cross bun in the toaster.

About: Steph enjoys spending time with her family, and chasing around after two energetic toddlers! She is a lover of coffee and fine wine and enjoys socialising on weekends with friends!

Recruitment Motto: "Because people matter"


Jarrod Sacco

Recruitment Consultant

Years in Recruitment: 2 years

Funniest Moment at KLC: Every Friday Drinks, Birthday Celebration, Christmas Parties, or other social event always provides us with endless laughs!

About: Jarrod enjoys spending time with family and friends over a quiet drink or two. He is an avid Carlton Supporter and is never happier than when they can win a game! He enjoys sleeping in on the weekend and soaking up the sun down on the coast whenever he gets the chance.

Recruitment Motto: "Find a job you love and you will never work a day in your life!"


Olivia Buhagiar

Marketing & Compliance Officer

Years in Marketing: 5 years

Funniest Moment at KLC: Our team bonding experience in an escape room!

About: Olivia loves to spend her time laughing and socialising with literally anyone! She adores her 4 year old daughter and enjoys baking healthy treats, jogging and cuddling up on the coach with a hot cup of tea. Olivia loves her popcorn XL and her music extra loud and if Collingwood loose on a weekend you should steer clear of this one eyed supporter!

Marketing Motto: "Focus on how to be social, not how to do social."


Georgia Smythe

Recruitment & Administration Officer

Years in Recruitment: 5 & ½ years

Funniest Moment at KLC: KLC’s 2018 Christmas Party where the team spent a day out on a boat in the Docklands.

About: When Georgia is not working, she loves to spend her time with her loved ones including her French bulldog puppy Archie. In summer you can always find her by the beach. Georgia is an avid Collingwood supporter and loves nothing more than Friday night football, especially when they beat the Tigers.

Recruitment Motto: "The only way to do great work is to love what you do!"


Jasmine Ziirsen

Recruitment and HR Administrator

Years in Recruitment: 8 months

Funniest Moment at KLC: When I spilt peanut butter all down the front of my top and didn’t realise for half the day.

About: Jasmine is currently studying a Master’s in Human Resource Management and when she isn't studying or working she is outside either spending time with friends, hosting rooftop BBQ's or going for a run!

Recruitment Motto: "In Recruitment, there are no good or bad experiences, just learning experiences"


Tammy Rendina


Years in Accounts: 25 years

Funniest Moment at KLC: Steph's husband on the bus ride home from the races!

About: Tammy is a real home body and loves nothing more than cuddling up on the couch and watching a great Netflix series, cooking up a feast for her fam, and spending quality time with her daughter. Her friends best describe her as easy going, very funny, a good listener, a bejewelled ninja and a Chicken Parma extraordinaire!

Accounts Motto: "I look after ones company accounts as if it were my own!"