You've been let off - now what?

You've been let off - now what?

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What a horrible feeling.  So many questions.  Why me? What did I do wrong?  What am I going to tell my partner?  What will my friends think?  What story can I spin to soften the blow?  What will I do now? 

What happens when you are let off is that your purpose for being has just been changed on you.  We all need a purpose.  Even if we have been dragging our feet to get to work every day, even if we do not love what we do or who we do it with and for, that really doesn’t matter – because that is our PURPOSE.    

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five stages of grief 

So, when you are let off there are so many questions, and the five stages of grief take over. These are denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance.  For some of us that can all happen quickly for others if can be a longer process.  Each time we go through something like this our way of processing it can be different.



Surrounding yourself with supportive, positive people is a great thing to do.  They may not have the answers to the myriad of questions, but they will have the shoulder you need to get through it.



Instead of trying to blame everyone for why you no longer work there, why don't you take a moment to reflect on what you could have done to stay there, what could you have done to be promoted within that organisation?  Life is about moving forward and learning lessons. If we go through life learning nothing, then we will make the same mistake again and again.


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Even though the parting gesture and words may not have been perfect, think about the wonderful things that you have learned in that job, potentially the people you have met, the experiences you have shared, the new systems you have learnt and start to visualise on what the next position is going to be like.

Once you get yourself into the acceptance stage then your positivity returns. Then you can put yourself out there. You are now able to present yourself for interview because you are presenting the best package you have.  And you have thought about the next step and your purpose is returning.



I suggest that you always plan for the day that you have been let off.  Taking control of your resume which is a working testimonial of what you have done.  It is always harder to remember your achievements when you are put under pressure and trying to meet the deadline for the perfect position you see on Seek.


I personally have been let off and made redundant, so I understand all of these feelings and self-doubt.  At the time it feels like the worst thing in the world, but the reality is it is just another chapter in that book.  It makes you a little humble. On reflection it makes you wiser and more worldly, and its part of the Chris Sacco story I get to tell.  Life experiences help you understand and then help you help someone else get through it.

Its another door opening – be brave and step inside!


written by 
Chris Sacco

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