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Working From Home - Office Fitness

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Over the last few months, the world has been in a situation unfamiliar to us all throughout the current pandemic. For us Victorians, as a State of Emergency has been declared and families across the state have been placed into a heavy lock down to prevent the further spread of coronavirus. The emerging situation has unfortunately meant that for most of us who work long hours during the day we are only able to leave the house for an hour. This small window of exercise means we are not able to fit in a regular routine to keep us fit and healthy or our minds clear whilst working from home.

Even though we are fortunate to still be working, most of us are sitting at a desk for eight or more hours a day, five days a week for most weeks of this year. It has been proven that too much sitting can be detrimental to our health and cause problems like weight gain, heart diseases, diabetes, and high blood pressure. For those who are working from home and need some inspiration to get moving, here are 5 exercises I recommend incorporating into your daily routine that can be done from places as easy as your desk!


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Neck Rolls

Relax and lean your head forward. Slowly roll head in a circle one side for 10 seconds. Repeat on other side. Do this three times in each direction, twice a day.


Shoulder Rolls

Raise both shoulders up toward ears, then slowly roll them backward. Repeat, rolling forward. Do this three times in both directions, twice a day.


Torso Twist

Place feet firmly on floor and place one hand on the back of your chair. Exhale and twist your upper body toward the arm on chair back, using your other hand to press against your leg for leverage. Hold for 2 to 3 deep breaths and repeat on other side.


image 12.08.20a


Wrist Stretches

Lift your palms, stretch your arms, press your palms into each other, shake your hands to get rid of any tension, or try some wrist curls using water bottles as weights.


Desk Push Ups

This is a great upper body exercise. Place your palms at the edge of your desk, about shoulder-width apart and move your feet away from the desk until you are inclined towards it. Then, slowly lower your chest down towards the desk while breathing in, and then push yourself back. Repeat as many times as you can.


To save you the hassle of searching the web for solutions, incorporate these 5 exercises and we guarantee not only will it assist with your physical activity while stuck at home but will also motivate you to get up and moving during these difficult times. For those with preexisting conditions, always check with your doctor before starting any of these desk exercise routines.


Written By
Georgia Smythe 

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