What are recruiters looking for in online profiles?

What are recruiters looking for in online profiles?

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Many jobs in today's world are ones filled by specialist recruiters (like the fantastic team at KLC Recruitment, for example). These people are tasked with finding the best candidates for the roles their clients are looking for. To do this, recruiters use all sorts of techniques - one of which, involves checking out online professional profiles on Seek and LinkedIn.

Here are two common things recruiters look for when they view a candidate's professional online profiles.


Your skills on display

There's the potential to see a person's skills put to work on professional online profiles. If you were hiring a graphic designer, for example, seeing that their LinkedIn page was full of their own creations would give you confidence that they were passionate about the field and were extremely competent. Likewise for someone who studied social work - seeing them post about social issues they're invested in outside of their job can show an employer they're the real deal.

You can limit the public visibility of your posts and shares to your own network, but doing so can reduce the chance for a potential recruiter or employer to see your skills in action and subsequently wanting to employ you.



Your LinkedIn profile is a great place to put your skills on show


Your achievements

Online profiles are also a great place to display your achievements more in depth than you could in a CV. These can be elucidated in a few number of ways:


1. Previous positions you've held

A prestigious or hard-to-get job is always a great achievement to show off. You'll have space to explain what you did in the role, as well as attach any relevant documents, photos, websites or videos that better explain what you did.


2. Listing your accomplishments

LinkedIn has a section dedicated to outlining your accomplishments. They can be things as varied as the places you've have articles published, certifications you've gained from accredited bodies, any awards or honours you've received.

One of the best things you can list is the projects you've created or led. You can enter start and finish dates, links to relevant web pages and a description of the project and what it entailed. Having these on your page stands out to a recruiter or employer, as they can see real examples of what you've achieved.

Are you a candidate looking to take the next step in your career? Get in touch with a member of the KLC team today to learn more about how we can help.


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