Proven Time Management Strategies

Proven Time Management Strategies

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Time management is a fantastic skill to master and can be a skill implemented in all areas of your life. Managing your time is not about working harder or faster, it is the ability to work smarter to accomplish goals, reduce stress and increase productivity. I have listed below some strategies that you can apply to help manage your time effectively. 


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Create a structure

Map out your day from start to finish. Start by writing down any meetings you may have as well as your break. Now write a list of tasks that need to be completed. Prioritise them from most important to least important and start filling in your day. Be realistic and even give yourself five minutes in between to switch off from one task and start another. It is also important to re-evaluate your day, t see how you are tracking and make changes if needed.


Minimise distractions

Distractions can decrease our productivity. It’s important to acknowledge what distracts us, whether it is our phone or music. You may have to turn your phone off or turn off your music to really concentrate.


Set goals

Set out some SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic) goals. What do you want to achieve by the end of the week or how long do you want to take when completing a task? Make sure to clearly define your goal and write it down so that you can hold yourself accountable. Having a goal will give you a purpose and a destination to work towards.


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Make a list of all your tasks and projects and start marking them from most important to least important. Least important doesn’t mean that it isn’t an important task but maybe the due date isn’t for another month whilst another task needs to be completed that day.


Say “No”

Don’t be afraid to say no. Sometimes we want to seem that we can do it all and help out our team, but sometimes that isn’t always realistic. If you have mapped out your day it is a lot easier to see whether you are able to help and take on another task.


Take breaks

Unless you have superpowers, working for long hours at once will only make you burn out. It is so important to step away from your work and give yourself some time to rest.


Finally one last tip that I want to mention - if you remember one thing from this blog, remember this: Enjoyment should always be the goal! 

We get so caught up in busyness that we forget to enjoy what we're doing. Even when we are focused on working smarter, we're still often too focused on getting things done and forget to take a step back and smell the roses. Your goal should be to arrange your commitments in a way that you're happy living out the details of your daily life even while you are working. Your mental and physical health comes about anything and if you are burning the candle at both ends it might be time for you to look at your work life balance or decide if your current job is really satisfying you. If you think it's time to take that next step in your career check out KLC's current jobs or reach out to one of our consultants today to book in for a resume writing or interview skills technique session to really get yourself ahead of the crowd!


written by
Jasmine Ziirsen 


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