Letter from the Director

Letter from the Director

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The Year That is


2020 is a year that we will all remember.  From bushfires to missed birthday celebrations, from Black Lives Matter rally's to the weddings that got postponed. The holiday you had to cancel to the Netflix series you binged for a month straight. That job that you lost to that business you struggled to keep afloat. 2020 had so many great things in store, however how quickly things can change and how fast have we all adapted. I never would have thought I would be sitting at my home office, video calling my staff, picking up my mask for my morning walk, sanitizing my hands before walking into any store or realising that for once, being positive is actually a negative! 2020, the year of the virus, the year of change and ultimately, the year where we all realised, not everything is for certain. 


We can sit here and list all the awful things that our world has seen this year, however what I have learnt over the past 127 days of working from home is that keeping your spirits high and your mind engaged is the only way to get through such a time as now. So I began to focus on the positives and once you start, it actually feels fantastic. Try reminding yourself of all that extra time you got to spend with your family, playing those old dusty board games, baking and cooking, having one drink too many with them, the family house parties where you get to see up granddads nostrils because he doesn’t know how to use technology, the walks you have had with the dog, the moments to work out who your friends really are, your chance to be creative and pivot how we work and where we work.


I consider myself to be a glass half full person, but even I s(l)ip below the line.  Life is about creating the best memories, choices, and laughing a lot.  When you fall – dust off and go again, and be brave enough to giggle at yourself! I love to think about the history we are making, the stories we are going to be able to tell our grandchildren about our “old days”. We have all grown up with so many historical events and we are taught all throughout school about our country and our worlds history - how amazing to think that one day our children or children's children will be learning about 2020 and we can sit there and say "I lived through that".



We can’t change what this year has thrown at us, but we can create our future and our memories.  I encourage you all to take a moment and smile for the things we can be thankful for.  Together, we can be the best versions of ourselves and stay safe, respect the rules, and look forward to the days of open spaces with lots of people and our own stories that got us to this moment!


Finally one thing that does keep me going and keep me positive is my team. I am so proud of the resilience of the team at KLC.  They keep giving everything they have.  COVID-19 is not going to be what brings us down, if anything it has been what has brought us closer together.  We are here everyday to continue to provide the support and help to our candidates and our clients be the best versions of themselves.  We have spent a lot of time to reflect on how we can help you and as a result we are excited for the many great things that are to come and the new heights we are going to reach - and we would love for you to come along for the ride! 


Stay safe, stay well and we are here for you.




Written By

Chris Sacco 

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