Insightful questions to ask your interviewer

Insightful questions to ask your interviewer

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When dealing with CVs, cover letters, figuring out what to wear, and making it through phone interviews, it's easy to forget about what questions you'd like to ask in an interview. Which is why KLC Recruitment is here to help steer you towards insightful questions that will get you the information you need and impress those interviewing you.


Why you should ask questions during your interview

When you get asked at the end of an interview if you have any questions, it may seem like an empty platitude. However, the query actually plays two important roles.
In the first, the person interviewing you is looking to see your level of interest in the position. Having questions shows you've thought seriously about the job, and want to know more about what it's got to offer.

The second, is it's the time where you can find out if the role is for you. While it may feel like an interview is your chance to impress possible employers, it's also their chance to win you over as well. Use this time to ask the questions that matter to you, and find out whether it's a company you want to work for.


The types of questions you should ask your interviewer


Every couple of months a new article appears letting you know the right questions to ask an interviewer. However, while questions may date or become over-used, the purpose behind them stays. Which is why we're here to suggest what areas make for worthwhile queries, and guide you in how to create your own unique, and insightful, questions.


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Don't ask questions that you gain nothing from - make sure you're learning something insightful about the company.


Interview questions about company culture


The atmosphere of a business is important. How employees interact with each other, successes are celebrated, and problems handled are all useful to know, to tell if it's a work environment that you'd thrive in. What's their work-life balance like, and do employees interact outside of work hours?

Consider what you liked, or didn't like, about your last workplace, and ask questions around those areas.

Not only will you find out if it's the right fit for you, but the hiring manager will also see a candidate who's aware of company culture, and wanting to bring something to it.


Interview questions about your interviewer


Your interviewer is generally someone who works at the company you're trying to gain a position in. They're your greatest source of information on how they've found working at the business. Not only that, asking them about their own experiences builds a relationship between you.

Be curious. Ask them whether they love their work, whether they'd take the job again if they had the chance. Question them about what they enjoy most - is it the challenges, people, or the work itself. Their passion around the company can tell you a lot.


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You need to know that the company is the right fit for you, not just that you're what they're looking for.


Interview questions about the future


While the position could appear initially perfect, it's important to find out what options the company offers further down the line. Is it part of their culture to offer training and development? Will you have space to grow, and learn?

Finding a position and going through the interview process is time-consuming and stressful. You don't want a position that, in a year or two, will leave you the option of staying stuck in the same role or going through it all again. Instead, finding a business that's willing to invest in you to grow you, and help you move forward, is important.

For the hiring manager, it confirms that this job is one you want to commit to for the long-term.

And don't forget...


Before you leave the interview room, don't forget to ask them what their time frame is around letting you know about the next steps. It shows that you're interested, and also lets you know when to follow up on the job interview.

With all the preparation that goes into asking interview questions, KLC Recruitment knows how easy it is for your own questions to slip your mind. If you need help preparing for an interview so you don't forget anything essential, reach out to us today for support and experience.




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