How to start your career using social media

How to start your career using social media

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For those who are active across social media platforms, you may have noticed that social media is no longer used only to stay in touch with others or to post about our lives, it is has become a valuable resource for job seekers as well as recruiters to find the best candidates. Wherever you look, you will see various social media platforms that are advertising the fact that they are hiring and are using these platforms to identify and recruit talented individuals.

From job sites such as LinkedIn, Seek, Indeed, to platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, there are a variety of ways in which you can market yourself as a candidate searching for new opportunities and showcase your skills.

If you are a job seeker, an excellent platform that crosses social media directly with recruitment, is LinkedIn. Here at KLC, all of our team members actively use our LinkedIn profiles to not only market ourselves, our organisation and the jobs we have available, but we also actively source candidates. LinkedIn provides you with the opportunity to not only list your skills and talents but also your previous experience.

Here are some tips to make your LinkedIn profile standout as a candidate.

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"Seeking Employment"

Ensure as an active job seeker, that you choose the option to “seeking employment” From there you can list the type of work you are available to such as an Administration Officer or an Administration Assistant, you can select locations you would be willing to work and even list the type of work you’d be open to such as part time or full time.


Update your Experience 

 Ensure your experience is up to date. When listing your previous roles, you should ensure all job titles are correct, your previous employees organisation is spelt correctly and that the dates correlate with your resume. 


Update your education

 Ensure your education is correct and relevant. For those who have studied a tertiary degree which can be pivotal for certain roles, it is vital to ensure that your degree, institution, and dates are all listed for recruiters to view. 


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Profile Photo

Upload a photo to your profile. Your photo should be professional with only you in it. This allows people to put a face to a name and helps your profile to stand out.


Build your network

The next step to take is to build up your network. Unlike other social media platforms such as Facebook, you do not necessarily have to know the person in order to connect with them. Utilise the search bar to find candidates with similar interests, to connect with recruitment consultants and recruitment agencies. When connecting with someone it is always nice to leave a little note, whether that is to advise the connection that you are a job seeker or if it just a nice message to say you wanted to connect to expand your network. Communication is key.


Up-to-date resume

Similar to platforms such as Seek and Indeed, LinkedIn also provides you with the opportunity to apply directly for jobs. When applying for any job via any social media platform, you need to make certain that you use your most recent resume and cover letter that covers either your experience as an employee or as a graduate, things you may have done on placement and why the role is of interest to you. If updating your resume is something you need help with, KLC offer CV writing services which will help your CV stand out from the thousands of other applicants! Sign up today to book your CV Writing Session 


As technology progresses, so does social media and thus the “traditional” methods of recruitment are forever changing. Moving forward erase from your mind that social media is for socialising personally online and broaden your thoughts that social media could just help you to land your next role.


written by
Georgia Smythe


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