How To Prepare For Your Virtual Interview

How To Prepare For Your Virtual Interview

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We all know that preparing for an interview can be daunting and whether you are attending an interview in an office or in today’s current climate you are meeting the recruiter or hiring manager via a video link there are some rules of the game that always apply;


1. Research the company

One of the first questions an interviewer will ask you is what do you know about our company, you should be able to find all the information you need online sometimes maybe too much info is available. Just take down some key points, how long the company is open, what are their main products or services they provide and what are their values or mission statement?

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2. Read through the Job Position Description

Read and I mean really read this, look at your own resume and the PD side by side tick off the skills and experience they require against your own and come up with examples to have readily available during the interview. Be honest with yourself and also highlight anything that appears on there that you haven’t done previously, think about any transferable skills you may have or if there are none ask if they will be providing training in this area.


3. Practice your interview technique

Do this with a friend or in the mirror, you can even record yourself so you can see how you answer questions and what your body language looks like during an interview. Google some standard interview questions if you feel you don’t know any and practice a response.


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The new world of Video Interviews

This really isn’t too much different from an in person interview it is still a one on one or in the case of a panel a two or three on one the above still applies, research and preparation are key. The extra’s you need to consider are;

1. Your environment

Where are you doing the video call, have a look at what is behind you and what the interviewer will see. If possible sit with a blank wall behind you, remove anything that you wouldn’t want your future boss to see and if you have other people in your house make sure you are not in a walk way, a door you can close to prevent interruption from people or pets is ideal.

2. Dress professionally

Just as you would for any in person interview dress professionally and I would suggest head to toe, of course mostly the interviewer will just see from the shoulders upward although things can go wrong if you have to get up from your seat quickly or the camera moves you don’t really want your interviewer to see you in your teddy pyjamas. On top of this I think getting into business attire helps your mindset and breaks up the interview from the rest of your day, dress for the job you want! 

3. Test the tech

Probably the most important point please check your tech prior to the interview, no one wants their first impression to be fiddling around trying to work the camera or the microphone it is a memory that will stick and most jobs want candidates that are tech savvy if you can’t work your webcam you are not displaying that. If they use a program you haven’t before trial it before the interview and always make sure your camera and sound settings are switched on, I would close any other windows you have open too so you are not distracted and have no notifications popping up in the interview. 


For the time being video interviewing is the new normal so we should all embrace that, bonuses of no travel to and from interviews, you can see yourself while you speak which there will be a divide as to who thinks this is a pro and who thinks it is a con, and ultimately I think we will see faster recruitment processes evolve from this meaning you get an outcome quicker.


written by
Natalie Hinchsliff 

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