How to ensure your employees are advocates for your brand

How to ensure your employees are advocates for your brand

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Employees are a vital part of the continuing development and success of a business. Not only from the work they do and the income they generate but for the advocacy then can provide to prospective clients and potential employees.

So how do you promote employee advocacy and why is it something that businesses should be utilising to increase performance?

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Investing in your employees is a cornerstone to ensuring that they will work to promote your brand. A happy employee is much more likely to post about where they work online, speak positively to friends and family, write a positive google review or encourage others to join. Your management style goes a long way ensuring employee advocacy. If employees are happy within their role and feel as though they are supported, the likelihood of them sharing this with others is heightened.

With the integration of social media into everyday life, the perception of a business to the general public and information about a business is so much easier to reach. Prospective clients or customers use reviews, posts, employee feedback and testimonials they find online to help them gather information as to whether they should buy products or choose to work at that company.

With employee advocacy comes amplified reach. Your business name, services you can provide and other important information reach a whole new group of individuals. If you have 10 employees at your company who all advocate for your brand via social media or word of mouth, then there are 10 new friendship groups that hear about your business. For small businesses, this can be imperative for growth and increasing brand awareness (and it is much cheaper than some other marketing strategies).


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Some simple ways to increase employee advocacy include creating a positive culture. If employees genuinely enjoy coming to work then when they talk about it within their circles, they will show honest care and promote the good brand that your business is.



Another method is to invest in brand apparel. Whilst brand apparel may seem unnecessary and purely symbolic, it is something that draws attention to your business. If employees are willing to wear polos, hoodies or shorts with company branding on it your employees are marketing for you for free. Furthermore the use of company branded pens, stress balls, notepads, mouse pads, mugs or any other form of apparel or marketing further promotes your business.


Employee advocacy is a vital part of the workforce. It is incredibly important that employees are open to, and do, promote your business with the tools they have available.

Treat your employees well, and hopefully they will return the favour!


Written By
Jarrod Sacco 


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