Benefits of Upskilling During Lockdown

Benefits of Upskilling During Lockdown

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Let’s face it, it is very easy to get stuck in a rut when it comes to ongoing learning and personal development. So many things can “get in the way” and it is easy to make excuses.

The current restrictions in Victoria have seen us under house arrest all day every day for those both employed and unemployed. So, what better time to consider so upskilling, while we have more time on our hands! Having more time forced upon us than ever which we may not have again (here is hoping anyways!) Maybe now is the time to book in that course or even finish one you have already started. Everyone can benefit from upskilling and it is important to continually learn and grow in ourselves.


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1. Increase your potential employment prospects

If you are currently unemployed or lost your job due to COVID now is the perfect time to fill in that blank space in your resume with a short course or an extra qualification. You may want to stay in the same industry, or you may want to change completely, but either way there are hundreds of courses out there which will look great on your resume and show potential employers how proactive and skilled you are!


2. Reduce your chance of redundancy

It is important for your employer to see you as an asset to the company and what better way to stand out than to grow your skills and enthusiasm as the same time! Employees who are demotivated tend to fall behind and have a greater risk at getting the boot whereas those brining fresh ideas and a fresh attitude will always be favoured upon greatly. Starting a course to better yourself in your role if a great way to show your employer how committed you are and how interested you are in growing yourself to grow the company. Some employers will happily pay for professional development, particularly if they can see it will benefit them as well. Ensure you can sell the course or training and its benefits to all parties involved – who knows, they might offer to support you by financing the course or by providing you extra study time whilst at work. It is a win – win really!


3. Discover new passions

When you place yourself in a position where you open yourself up to new skills and knowledge you might find something new that you love! So not only is upskilling professional beneficial, it can also be personally beneficial and open up a number of new pathways for your career or your life!


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Benefits to employers

Upskilling or offering extra training is a great way to improve retention of staff. It is important for the staff to want to complete further training but it is even more important for staff to feel like their employer wants to invest in them and training is a great way to show that.


Undertaking training can provide staff with a real morale and confidence boost. You may have years and years of experience, but a refresher course can give staff that confidence to step up to the next level and succeed.


My advice to employers is that it is important to have proven positive training programs available to employees. During the interview process we often find candidates ask what type of extra training and professional development is provided. By having a list of training programs or a provider you have used in the past available at your call, it helps secure the right employee and keep them for a solid amount of time.


Lastly, one thing to always remember, even if your workplace won’t support professional development just take the leap and enrol yourself. Lockdown has provided the perfect opportunity for this and it is honestly one positive you could take from 2020. Start that short course or book in for a webinar, because at the end of the day we are responsible for our own further education and our future employment.



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