Benefits Of Temporary Employment

Benefits Of Temporary Employment

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In the current climate, employment opportunities are unpredictable. Some organisations have put a hold on recruitment, whereas others are thriving and need additional resources to help with the demand. This is where the current employment market will see a rise in the need for temporary employees. Below we have listed the benefits of utilising Temporary and Labour Hire during this continued time of uncertainty for not only employees but employers too!


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Try before you buy 

 Some organisations see temporary employment as a ‘try before you buy’ option. Hiring into a temporary position gives you the insight, knowledge and a feel for the individual and the position as a whole - especially if it is a newly created role. It gives you as the employer the chance to see if this is the fit you were after and wanted to establish within your company. Another benefit is if you are looking to hire a permanent position, you start off with a temporary employee while you recruit - this is becoming increasingly popular with our  clients who often end up employing the temp into their organisation. This move has not only seen companies reduce costs across the recruitment process but with many companies working from home, organisations are feeling increasingly more comfortable to hire temp staff who are a known commodity.


immediately available & highly skilled

 Temporary workers are looking for a role to start tomorrow and are keen to hit the ground running. They are qualified and motivated individuals who are gap fillers within your organisation at a period you don't necessarily have the time to train up someone internally. Many Temporary employees are experts in their field and can also bring a fresh perspective to your work environment. Another benefit is the reduced risk of bringing on a new employee during this unprecedented time. As a Temporary Recruitment and registered Labour Hire Provider, KLC covers all the legislative costs and is the gate keeper between you and your temporary employee. 


coverage for all occacions

Whether you have staff on long service leave, maternity leave or extended sick leave there is always a temporary staffing arrangement that can suit your business. You may have a big project coming up or a back log of filing that needs to be sorted out before the EOFY.


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Adds to your resume

 For individuals in between jobs, or perhaps seeking a career change, working in a temporary position will fill a gap in your resume, keep your skills up to date and expose you to new positions, industries and organisations. Temporary roles can also often lead to a new direction / career path, so who knows, you may fill in that gap on your resume and then change directions completely! 


Try before you commit

 As a temporary employee you get to trial a job before committing 100%. Entering into temporary employment can give you a feel for the role or industry and decide whether it is right for you and your long term career goals. As a temporary employee, you can get a feel fairly quickly as to whether or not the position and / or the organisation are the right fit for your skill sets, morals and you may get an insight into if the companies values align with your own. Temporary roles are a good opportunity to work within a different sector or position to broaden horizons and strengthen skill set.


extra income

 If working as a temp employee is a short or long term plan of your own, you will notice that your pay rate will be slightly higher. Unfortunately as a temp, you aren’t entitled to annual leave or sick leave, but the extra money in your pocket makes up for that!


Foot in the door

 It is also a great foot in the door and may assist you in getting into organisations you have only dreamed about working in! Statistics shows that one third of temporary contractors are offered permanent positions (Forbes 2020) 


Build network contacts

 You will be exposed to a number of new employees and teams, build up that network for now and future job opportunities. Sometimes its more who you know, than what you know which can assist in future job opportunities. You will also gain practical work experience and keep those skills up to date!


If you're an employer looking to onboard temporary staff you have come to the right place because it is KLC specialty! If you nodded "yes" to any of the above, or if you are keeping down costs and don't have the time for recruitment, then we can assist you! We take the time to advertise, screen and interview potential candidates and put forward only the best to you and your organisation. Not only saving you time, but saving you on-boarding costs as each employee is employed with KLC Recruitment. 


So whether you're an employee or employer we have opportunities for you! Please reach out today and we will assist you with temporary recruitment!


written by
Stephanie Banks-Smith


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