Benefits of Hiring ‘Return to Work Mums’

Benefits of Hiring ‘Return to Work Mums’

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It’s kind of ironic that I am writing this blog today because as a mother of one with another currently on the way, it has just dawned on me that this time next year I will be that ‘return to work mum’!

It is scary being in this position because you love your job and your routine, so the thought of taking a big chunk of time off is foreign. And adding to that, you stress yourself out thinking about how much time to take off as 6 or 9 months won’t be long enough to spend with your new born baby –after all, they are never going to be this little and squishy again! For this reason, I can understand why so many new mothers decide against returning to work. But is that the only thing holding them?

According to the Australian Buru of Statistics, 42% of Australian mothers in 2018 returned to work after the birth of their child. That number to me is very low and it made me sit and wonder – is it the mums who just don’t want to go back to work, or is it businesses who are not doing enough to accommodate this group of individuals.  

There are so many benefits of hiring ‘return to work mums’, read on as I explore these below:


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Offer a new perspective

Parents returning to work will bring a fresh and valuable new perspective to the company. For many businesses, their target market will likely include mums, so it makes perfect business sense to have mothers’ voices heard in the workplace and their perspectives reflected in the way the business operates.


Multi-tasking gurus

It’s no secret that mums are super hero’s who have eyes in the back of their heads, can make dinner, lunch and snacks within minutes, clean the house top to bottom all whilst watching Netflix and chatting on the phone to their friends. Most mothers I know, and I have worked with, can carry a schedule for several people around in their head and are always – and I mean always – on time! Who would not want a superstar like that on their team!?


Nurturing nature

Did you know that whilst pregnant, a woman’s right side of her brain increases activity which is related to emotions as they prepare to bond with their baby? This amazing gift may have been designed for the baby however it is highly transferable in the workplace! A new mother will have a talent for creating a tight-knit, loyal team whilst also having the ability to listen and nurture the ideas of others

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Achieve diversity targets

Women comprise 47.1% of all employed persons in Australia according to the Workplace Gender Equality Agency statistics of 2020. With more businesses than looking to improve the gender diversity gap in hope of being a more attractive prospective employer, hiring a diverse workforce is more important now than ever for businesses.


I will finish with one last statistic to prove why businesses have a huge opportunity available to them (to be honest this statistic is my favourite of them all!) According to data from a global study by the Peterson Institute for International Economics,  “Companies with more women leaders are more profitable” – so why wouldn’t you hire return to work mums and make them feel just as welcome at the board room table as they are at the change table!


Written by
Olivia Buhagiar




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