5 Ways to Recognise Your Employees

5 Ways to Recognise Your Employees

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For most businesses, their employees are the life-blood of what they do and how they do it. As recruiters we find it surprising that most days when speaking with candidates, they are looking at other opportunities because they do not feel appreciated or that their work has not been recognised at their current workplace! According to Gallup, 65% of surveyed employees say they received no recognition form their workplace in the previous 12-month period. Employee recognition should not be something that scares employers, it should be something that empowers them to identify and appreciate an exemplary performance of those that give that 1% more!

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Employee recognition can come in many different shapes and sizes. The great part is it does not always have to leave you reaching for your wallet, it can be cost effective yet impactful - it is whatever you as a business choose to make it. The impact of recognising employees can lead to increased morale, high employee retention rates, awareness of staff around self-improvements and an overall happier and more productive workforce.

Some great way to recognise employee engagement include:


Get Vocal

This might be an employee of the month or an end of quarter award that is peer voted and selected. Whether you are still working from home or back in the office, the best form of recognition for many people is that from their peers. Ensure this is communicated to everyone over multiple platforms you want this to be something that the recipient actually feels recognised for out in the open, not just in an email to them.


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For employees who exceed expectations or those whom management deem as doing an excellent job, should be recognised with the opportunity to further their skill set and career. This may come in the form of expanded responsibilities, training for job advancement, management opportunities, or the opportunity to work across a project or piece of work of interest.


Financial incentives

Whilst not always the best motivators, for many employees this is the preferred method of recognition. When it comes to financial incentives you may look at a pay increase or a financial bonus. Ensure you do not fall into the trap of just assuming that a monetary increase is enough for everyone, some employees will still want the nice words and appreciation that come with the monetary incentive.


Non-financial rewards

For some employee’s non-financial rewards with a personal meaning are more impactful in making them feel appreciated and recognised then just throwing money at them. Think additional annual leave days, personalised gift packages, holiday gifts (upgrades etc) or birthday leave.


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Using positive language and specific examples in a one on one situation with an employee helps them to understand their accomplishments - however large or small they are. Many employees just want to feel recognised for their hard work. As a manager, you need to find that balance between recognising and appreciating an employee where deserved and not just praising them constantly for every task, you don’t want to lose the impact of the recognition that is well and truly deserved.


Overall, employee recognition is key to staff morale and lower staff turnover. For many companies especially smaller SME they can be put off by the financial implications of employee recognition so understand that each method listed above is just as impactful as the other. You don’t always have to spend a fortune to make your employees feel appreciated and that is key! Start small and then build on what you do. Have some fun - appreciating and recognising your staff should be something you get enjoyment out of too!


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