5 Virtual Team Building Activities

5 Virtual Team Building Activities

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In the virtual world we are currently living in Victoria, the face to face connection and office camaraderie is something that is very easily missed. Connecting with a colleague whilst making a coffee in the morning, going for a walk at lunch or celebrating a long week with Friday night drinks is something that seems a lifetime away.

However, there are ways that we can continue to connect and ensure staff still feel as though they are part of a tight knit team. Virtual team building activities are incredibly important at this period not only for team cohesion but also for employee wellbeing.

Here are 5 virtual team building exercises that can be undertaken by your workplace during COVID-19.


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Lunch and Learn

At KLC, we run Lunch and Learn sessions where we congregate virtually with our lunch where one employee shares with their colleagues a change, important update or new learning opportunity so that all members of the team can be together virtually and share lunch whilst learning some valuable information.


Quiz Nights

A great way to end a long day is to bring everyone together for a quiz where they can have a laugh, potentially a drink and a virtual catch-up with other members of staff. At KLC, we utilise the Kahoot platform to create original and KLC based quizzes that always provide laughs and bring us closer together.


Daily Challenges

An easy way to start everyone’s day is by sending out a daily challenge. These can consist of a crossword, word find, quiz, spot the difference or any other virtual activity to be undertaken by all staff. At KLC we utilise this and send our responses to the team to compare and discuss each other’s answers.

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Virtual Birthday Celebrations

Birthday’s are still happening in isolation and everyone should get to celebrate their birthday. From after work celebration drinks to KLC paid Uber Eats lunches we still ensure that each member of the team gets to celebrate their special day.


Themed Weeks

Another easy activity is to theme weeks throughout the work from home period. For example, one week we had at KLC was colours week where we had to dress up in different coloured clothing each day for our morning meeting. This pushed us to think about what we were wearing for the day and not sit in the same tracksuit pants we had worn for the last 2 weeks.


Whilst it is harder to connect whilst working from home it is still incredibly important. Try some of the methods listed above that we use at KLC and see how they work for your business!

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Written By
Jarrod Sacco

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