5 things to do in the first week of your new role!

5 things to do in the first week of your new role!

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The first few weeks at a new job are the most important. You need to learn not only what to do, but how to do it well. You want to make a good first impression on both your manager and your new co-workers. Get yourself started off on the right foot by doing these five things;


 1. Arrive early

First impressions last. Arriving early to work shows dedication and will help to solidify to your employers that they have employed a dedicated, committed and punctual person who is showing genuine interest in their organisation, even in their first week! Showing up early not only gives you time to familiarise yourself with the place but it gives you time to mingle with your new co-workers, make a coffee and read your emails. Getting into good habits early in our new role is the best things you can do for yourself and your organisation.


2. Introduce yourself to your new co- workers.

The most important thing to do on your first day is to mingle with your new co-workers! Not only are these people going to be the people you now see every day, they are a great source of knowledge and tips. Building a relationship with some of your colleagues will assist you in your first week and beyond as they can be a friendly face during the day and potentially someone to go on a walk with on lunch.


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3. Get to know company and clients

Researching the company you are beginning employment with to understand their values is extremely important and should be done before your first week. However, further exploration into this should be done within the first week. Understanding who is who within the organisation and who you should be seeking out for assistance in a crisis is a great place to start.

Getting to know the organisations clients is also of high importance. This may take longer than a week, but it is great to understand important people who may be calling from important clients. It is also important to understand what their company does and how long your organisation has had a relationship with them.

Keeping clients happy is the most important thing in business. It is much easier to achieve this is you know everything about them. Start learning in your first week!


 4. Make sure ask heaps of questions.

In your first week (or two) your head should be full of questions. Ask them. There is no better time to ask how something is done if you are confused than in your first couple weeks. In the first few weeks you have a free pass to not knowing how something is done. It is much better to ask questions about organisational processes, clients and how to use the coffee machine in your first few weeks. It also shows your desire to learn about the organisation.


 5. Find a good coffee shop

Potentially the most important thing to do in your first week is find the best café around you with the best coffee, and if you’re lucky, best focaccias. Not only will this give you an understanding of the surrounds of your organisation but it will assist you in having better food at lunch and better coffee around the 3pm slump.


If you have recently received a new role, congratulations from all of us here at KLC! Try using some of these tips in your first week. We promise they will help to assist you in integrating well into the team and impressing your new bosses.


If you are currently looking for a new role or are looking to hire someone to add to your team KLC Recruitment are available and happy to chat so you can take those next steps. Get in contact with a friendly KLC Consultant today or visit out jobs page for more information on our current roles.



written By
Jarrod Sacco


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