5 signs its time to look for a new job

5 signs its time to look for a new job

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Leaving your job can be a scary and unsettling thought. There are so many moving parts, you just got into a good routine, you are comfortable and it pays alright and the team is somewhat nice to you. But is that really how you want to spend 40 hours a week? In something that is just ok? A lot of people see the warning signs and don’t act upon them due to being too comfortable or too scared about what other paths may hold. Below I have listed 5 key signs that it is time to update that resume and start looking for a new role!

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One of the first signs that you know it’s time to look for a new job is when you’re sitting on the couch on a Sunday night and you get that “sinking gut feeling” about work the following the day. Your heart starts racing, you feel lightheaded and you honestly don’t want to spend another week in that job. Work doesn’t have to be something that you are crazy in love with, but you shouldn’t be dreading every single Monday.



Do you remember when you first started this role and you would smash out your work, achieve your daily tasks and constantly be praised by the team or your boss? If you find that your drive and productivity has decreased, it may be time for a short holiday – or – it may be time to move roles. Productivity is driven by your passion and enthusiasm to be where you are and to be doing what you love. If you have lost that spark or you’re loosing yourself, it might be time to find something that drives you and challenges you again.



Finding it hard to tolerate being around the same people every day? Work colleagues don’t have to be your best friends but if you’re finding yourself not enjoying their company or are even feeling somewhat bullied  or outcast then maybe you might want to find a culture and environment that is better suited to you.

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Stress is one of the unhealthiest hormones that can creep up on you without you even realising it. Stress can cause a range of other health issues which as you get older, you really do not need! If you’re finding that you are taking your work stress home with you and it is affecting your diet, your daily activities or your family then it is definitely time to rethink your current job. Meditation and mindfulness are the first step to get those stress levels at bay, however for the long run and for the sake of your health, find something with a better work/life balance and less pressure.



On the other hand, you might be perfectly fine with your job, you may love Mondays, enjoy your team and kick goals left right and centre – but there is one thing missing, growth! If your current role does not allow you to grow within the company or learn more, then this is also a sign it is time to look for a new job. We all would love the opportunity to grow and improve ourselves, staying in the same stagnant job can wear thin on your dreams, so why not find something that offers you your utopia!

There really is never a good time to move jobs but when you look at the warning signs like the ones listed above, there really isn’t a better time than now to put your feelers out there and see what other companies have to offer. You may find that your world turns upside down with a new role and you may find a new passion or path of growth you never thought possible.

If you are interested in a new opportunity, or want to speak with someone about current opportunities, get in contact with KLC Recruitment today!


Written by
Olivia Buhagiar



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