Bulk Recruitment

At KLC we have a proven track record of being able to provide our clients with tailored Bulk Recruitment packages to suit their needs. Whether it is as a part of a restructure, or you are recruiting to multiple positions, KLC will provide you with timely, cost effective recruitment strategies.

This flexible approach allows you to tailor the services you require based on your budget and time constraints- that may include end-to-end recruitment, skills or psychometric testing and after placement follow up. Keeping in mind every business is different and we appreciate that a tailored approach enables you to reflect who you are through your recruitment process.

Examples of Recruitment Projects


  • Across both 2013 and 2015 KLC was the sole partner for one of Victoria’s leading Universities during the implementation of their new strategic direction. As a result, we were brought on-board to assist with the matching and training of existing employees into the newly created positions within the university. The process designed and executed by KLC involved the up-skilling of all existing staff across the administration and student services functions on resume writing and interview skills, and then the interviewing and matching of the existing 500 employees into the 195 new roles.
  • This was completed within a eight week time-frame and no legislative action was taken against the University from the Fair Work Commission due to the strength and fairness in the process designed and undertaken by KLC.

Funding Increase

  • In mid-2018 KLC was engaged by a government agency to successful recruit 17 Training and Development roles across the State of Victoria. This project saw over 1500 applicants with KLC travelling from one end of the state to the other to ensure the most suitable candidates were secured even in the most remote of locations. KLC was able to recruit to all 17 positions within eight weeks and come in under budget.

  • Simultaneously KLC was also approached to design, deliver and recruit 30 new roles across the education space for new funding secured. The implementation of these roles, their induction, training and on-boarding along with the recruitment were all successfully carried out by KLC. This was achieved within a three-week time-frame and within budget
  • In 2017 KLC completed a 6-month ongoing recruitment campaign within the NFP space for an industry counselling leader. This project consisted of the recruitment of 30 counsellors across a 24/7 service. This NFP organisation had previously struggled to recruit to one role due to the shift work nature of the roles. Over the 6 months KLC successfully secured 30 new counsellors through screening, psychometric testing, interviewing and role playing.


  • KLC has been engaged over a number of years to run training workshops internally for government in regard to preparation of resumes, key selections criteria’s, and interviews. This workshop most recently was carried out at 6 locations across the state, with a 2 hours group workshop followed by a 2-hour individual 1-1 coaching session. This is a highly successful and sort after training workshop, which has seen over 300 attendees since in inception in 2015.


A word from our clients:

“KLC Consulting worked with our organisation for a monthly bulk recruitment program over the course of 6 months, ending in April 2018. This campaign was highly successful due to the professional nature of KLC’s consultants. They sourced high quality candidates that fitted our brief perfectly, vetting them thoroughly and working with us in a most efficient and timely manner. We look forward to working with them again in the future and recommend them most highly to other organisations who require assistance with their recruiting.”
- Jennifer, HR Manager, NFP Industry