HR Consulting

Human Resources Solutions

Not every business can afford the luxury of employing an internal human resources (HR) team. It's an issue that frequently affects small to medium enterprises, where non-essential tasks are outsourced to save money. At KLC Recruitment, we believe this need to bring in external consultants shouldn't stop you from getting tailored assistance that's unique to your business.

We partner with your business to ensure we understand how you operate and which HR services will lead to operational improvements. Our consultants have experience in providing HR consulting services to both small and large organisations which are built on a number of flexible working approaches that can change to suit your needs.


What does our HR Consulting service offer?

HR Consulting is a broad term, encompassing a range of services that help your business get the most out of its talent. It also includes alleviating compliance concerns, which often add pressure. Our range of HR Consulting services includes:

  • Creating and reviewing HR policies
  • Management consulting
  • Restructuring teams
  • Redundancy assistance
  • Performance reviews
  • Conducting psych evaluations